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Fully Bio Farming For over 30 years, at the fourth generation of Ferrante, it has an extension of 20 hectares, mainly cultivated with citrus fruit and olive groves, with plots of field garden and pasture for animals.

We believe that traditional and organic agriculture can now represent a model for improving the quality of life.


We believe that food production and transformation are an act of high responsibility.

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Who we are

Mr. Giuseppe

My Daddy, Head of Family, Farm Owner and Entrepreneur, Geometra and technical creator, builder and manager of this beautiful place. Unmatched in the guidance of the " Train of Sunny garden" and in the explanations for the children of the didactic farm who follow him abducted.

Mrs. Enza

My mother, primary school teacher, organizer of the agritourism, some renamed as "The Director". Dialogue and perseverance are his best qualities, his main job is the management and organization of staff.


Here I am, what am I doing? the agritourism engineer. My father gave me a dream and my daily commitment is to grow this dream and deserve this gift. My job is to cure bureaucratic "paperwork", the internet site, DJ, revenue manager. My passion, 360 ° horses and swimming.


My sister, professional dancer and psychologist. His mission is to counteract the entropy that inevitably grows, the struggle against chaos and the disorder of his heroic mission. His favorite job is the didactic workshops with children.


My wife, economist and public administration manager, the company's bookmaker, married me married the farm and is passionately dedicated to this job as well, because she teaches and cares for work in "free time ".


My brother-in-law, a volcanic technical audio-light expert with passion for naturalistic excursions, from arid desert to snowy peaks, passing through lakes and rivers nothing stops it. In agritourism he brings his experience in technical management of audio / lights and in daily repairs


Who is the staff? They are chefs, help cooks, dishwashers, salon waiters, bartenders, receptionists, cleaners, gardeners, maintainers, instructors, squires, lifeguards and all those people who interpret our farm idea and often our interface with the public , are the workers who realize our ideas with love and dedication.

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Roosters and hens

Italy - Birds

We are the hens and the roosters, we are of Padua race and our job is to provide eggs always fresh in the kitchen of the farmhouse, to say the real is not a burdensome task, we live happy with water and food at will and we place our eggs in baskets. Every now and then we have a lot of chicks and we have so many chicks, every now and then Marco has fun doing chicken mom and incubating hips. For some years now, we have neighbors, rooster and Sicilian hen (double crest), and they say that it is an extinct race.

Cows and bulls

Italy - Bovine

We are Italian cows and bulls we are bred for our fine milk and flesh. Our race comes from various crosses, mainly Marche, but for a few months has come with us a nice bull of bullion to improve our species and have better heads and better quality milk.

P.S. do not tell it to anyone, but we cows, we only milk if we have the calf.

Anglo-Arab horse by saddle

Italy - Equines

We are horses crossed between the two big breeds Arab Purosangue and Purosangue English, we are saddle horse from good indole, we like to work with you humans, we love children. In the Garden of the Sun, we are free to graze, we are happy and every now and then we work together with our human friends, we become particularly sensitive and alert to working with the disabled and we like to see the progress that is achieved thanks to my help and that of the specialized technicians.

Eastern Thoroughbred horse

Sicily - Equines race at risk of extinction

I am an Oriental Purebred, my race has ancient origins in the far East, but in Sicily we have assumed unique characteristics of strength and strength, we have been among the first identified Italian races, but over time many of my ancestors have left sicily and are were used to improve (hidden) the other races. In the Il Giardino del Sole farmhouse, my breed is protected with pure crosses.

Sicilian Black Pig (former Black of the Nebrodi)

Sicily - Pigs

I am the black Sicilian pig, until recently called "Black of the Nebrodi" among my ancestors a curious cross between the common (pink) pig and the boar, I took the best from the two races and today my flesh is highly appreciated both in sausage production and in fresh consumption.

Donkey of Ragusa

Sicily - Equines

I am a donkey Ragusano, I am one of the largest and strong donkey breeds, always aiding man in heavy farm jobs, my ancestors served with the glorious body of the Alpine in various tasks and tasks that required strength and intelligence , do not laugh, we are very clever, despite what you say around. Today in this farmhouse we wait for the pampering of the visitors and we provide the very good milk.

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Navellina Oranges

I am a blonde orang (it means a yellow pulp) my species is precious because I have a twin fruit inside the skin. I'm special because I'm a primacy and thanks to the great climate where I am, I can mature already in the first week of November. I'm very sweet and I'm used to eating, squeezing and making the best navel of the farmhouse Il Giardino del Sole.

Tarocco Oranges

I am the orange variety Tarocco, the real red Sicilian orange, my peculiarity is the red pigmented pulp with its famous anti-tumor properties. They have tried to plant me elsewhere, but in other places I do not have those in red, I need great temperature fluctuations to pigment me red and The Garden of the Sun is an optimal climate for me. I'm used to eating fresh, for good juices and to become the famous jumbo of the Agriturismo Il Giardino del Sole.

Summer vegetables

We are tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, zucchini, lettuce, celery, carrot, onion ... and we go under the name of summer garden. According to tradition, we are planted full-time during the feast of S. Alfio (9-10 May) when it starts to warm and we give our products from June until September, then leave room for the winter garden. These specialty products end up on the farm's table and, in times of excessive production, in the zero-mile markets.

Winter vegetables

We are cauliflower, broccoli, onions, beans, potatoes, call us winter garden and provide lots of good products for the winter. We resist the cold and come into the field when the temperatures begin to become stiff. In addition to producing quality raw materials for the restaurant, we make fertile soil for summer plantations.

Fruit varies

His farmer's grandfather liked to have fresh and biofruit on his table, and from time to time among the rows of oranges and olives there are some banana, peach, plum, pomegranate, St. John's wort, apple tree etc. etc. These trees can not be counted among the agricultural productions, but they are still a source of freshness and varieties in the fruit production and preparation of fruit.

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