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  • Ample free outdoor parking for cars, scooters, bikes and coaches;

  • Playgrounds (slides, rocking ...), table football, ping pong;

  • Large solarium with pool surrounded by orange trees and local vegetation;

  • Walking, hiking, jogging inside the farm on nature trails;

  • All structure (rooms included) are air conditioned hot / cold;

  • Structure to be used by people with disabilities;

  • Free visit to the farm of the animals

  • Driving om the train of the company on the Sunny Garden.

  • Horseback riding for children, horseback riding for adults, horseback riding for people with disabilities.

The agritourism accredited as a Sicilian N ° 57 workshop, is committed to the mission of bringing new generations to the agricultural world and peasant traditions.
The proposed didactic activities encompass the themes of environmental education, food education and rurality with activities that develop the affective area, relationship ability, manuality, sensory and scientific reflection with the awareness that
"Seeing, touching, participating in live is for children unimpeachable and extraordinary learning opportunities"
Proposed laboratories:
• From ear to bread (3 years old);
• We plant the vegetable garden (3 years old);
• We know the donkey (3 years old);
• The City of Flowers (3 years old);
• Discovery of games once (4 years old);
• With the senses of hunting ... aromatic herbs (5 years old);
• I knight (6 years old);
• We recognize spontaneous herbs (6 years old);
• From milk to cheese (6 years old);
• Water a precious asset (from 6 years up);
• Sunshine friend (8 years old);
• From soap oil (6 years old);
• Pick up oranges (seasonal, 6 years old);
• Collect olives (seasonal, from 6 years up);

Didatics Farm

Half day
from 9am to 1pm
Arrival in company and reception;
- Guided tour of the farm and animal farm;
- 1 laboratory chosen from those proposed

5,00 €

(minimum 20 pax)

All day
from 9am to 5pm
Arrival in company and reception;
- Guided tour of the farm and animal farm;
- 2 laboratories at your choice
- Packed lunch in a reserved area outside with tables and chairs.

10,00 €

(minimum 20 pax)

Logo azienda didattica
Visita alla Fattoria
Laboratorio dal Latte al Formaggio
Laboratorio Piantiamo l'Orto
Il Trattorino del Sole
Laboratorio dalla Spiga al Pane
Laboratorio Conosciamo l'Asino
Laboratorio dal Latte al Formaggio
Visita di nascita
Visita alla fattoria
Laboratorio Facciamo l'Orto
Caprette nane
Laboratorio Io Cavaliere
vitellino appena nato
Trattorino del Sole

Full day with lunch
from 9am to 5pm
Arrival in company and reception;
- Guided tour of the farm and animal farm;
- 2 laboratories at your choice
- Lunch at the restaurant with:

Appetizers, Pennette alla Norma,  Palermo cutlet with vegetables, Dessert, Water.

26.00 €

(miminum 15 pax)

We have ample riding and a good number of horses and donkeys, ideal for unforgettable experiences for young and old. The horses have always tasted the collective imagination and we are committed to bringing people closer to these beautiful animals with the following activities:
• Playing horse riding or donkey play (assisted by riding technician);
• Horseback ride inside the farm on nature trails;
• Trekking snoozed;
• Riding lessons to learn to communicate with the horse (single lessons or packages);
• Equestrian rehabilitation (Hippotherapy) with specialized technicians;
• Excursions on the natural trails of the district to the sea or near the river;



The swimming pool is open from June to September for the guests only with the timetable:
10:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 18:00.
Who overnight has included in the price access to the pool and 2 deckchairs + 1 umbrella per room.
Those who can eat and / or dine can access the pool paying an entrance fee of 2,00 € (any set of 2 sun loungers + 1 umbrella will be purchased separately for 5,00 € each.

Swimming pool

Piscina con sdraio e ombrelloni
Piscina e fiori
Piscina dall'alto
Piscina con solarium
Piscina dell'Agriturismo
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