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Sicily has an incredible natural heritage, with an enviable animal and plant biodiversity. These are the parks and oases near us:

Simeto River

Biviere Lake of Lentini


Alcantara River



Cyclops Islands

Cavagrande del Cassibile


Pantalica - Anapo Valley

Cork forest of Niscemi

Isola Bella

​Tourist itineraries

​"Sicily is a gift from God, there are places you can't imagine, at the end of a road you come across an amphitheater made of lava stone, and if you go up Etna and see the sea, well, then you understand why who knows Sicily and is in love with it."
Carmen Consoli

Lentini (7 Km)

​Mother Church of Santa Maria la Cava and Sant'Alfio, Church of the Fountain, rock Church of the Crucifix, archaeological museum, Biviere di Lentini lake.

​The location of the Agriturismo Il Giardino del Sole, halfway along the coast of Eastern Sicily and just 5 km from the "Lentini - Carlentini" junction of the "Siracusa – Messina" motorway, allows tourists to visit all the centers of Eastern Sicily in maximum one hour by car. A huge advantage for limiting stages and travel. Another strong point is the proximity to Catania's Fontanarossa airport, just 25 km and 20 minutes by car. We also collaborate with the best operators in the sector to organize guided tours to the major tourist destinations in Eastern Sicily for groups or individual visitors. Let's see some of the beauties of our land that can be reached in a very short time from our farmhouse, contact us to organize your tailor-made tour.


​For sports enthusiasts it is possible to add the following activities to the holiday:

Horse riding (indoor)

Swimming (indoor pool and sea)

Cycle tourism

Adventure parks






Paint ball




Sicily is a land full of history which can be seen from the dominations that have followed one another over the centuries and which have left an indelible mark:

Greeks (8th century BC)

Romans (146 BC)

Vandals (468 AD)

Goths (491 AD)

Byzantines (550 AD)

Arabs (827 AD)

Normans (1060 AD)

Angevins (1266 AD)

Spaniards (1302 AD)

Bourbons (1713 AD)

Discover fire...
... thanks to the agreement with the Etna cable car you can touch the lava!!!

Experiential tourism

Traveling is also learning, having unique and engaging experiences in contact with local culture and traditions.

Here you can experience exciting  moments with your five senses:

Guided tour of our agricultural and livestock farm

Active participation in company processes

Cooking class

Tasting of typical dishes and local wines

Horseback riding and donkey trekking

From milk to cheese

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