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Agri-pizzeria open for dinner Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (extraordinary openings for groups of at least 15 people). For our pizzas and pizzoli we use thesourdough starter which guarantees slow and homogeneous leavening, providing high digestibility and unique authenticity. From the 2019 we managed to obtain a slow-rising dough using exclusively grain flours Sicilians.

A wide choice of classic pizzas, special pizzas from tradition and suggestions of the excellence of our territory, cudduruneddu trousers, savory and sweet Pizzoli, give the possibility of finding your favorite choice or experimenting with innovative combinations. With full respect for everyone, we can also make pizzas for celiacs (gluten free) and wholemeal dough.


A la carte

Choose what to order from the menu including appetizers, pizzas, pizzoli, desserts, drinks and wines. 


(All you can eat)

  • Bruschetta and french fries

  • Pizzas and pizzoli to your fill (including sweet pizzoli)


€15.00 per person​

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